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Black Hills

Windshield Repair And Replacement

If your view has been obstructed by rock, hail or collision damage, we have the capability to repair and replace your entire windshield to restore your clear view again! Don’t wait on fixing or replacing a damaged one – even a small crack can lead to larger damage down the road, since it compromises the structural integrity. It’s better to nip it in the bud and get it fixed. And if you have more hail damage than just the windshield, we offer paintless dent repair (PDR)!

Skilled worker mounting crack repair device on windshield

Our Process

Step 1


Our team will help you in any way you need including arranging a tow service, work with your insurance company and review damage and facts of loss with you.

Step 2


We will thoroughly look for any and all damage. We will then decide what the best course of action will be - entire windshield replacement or just a small fix.

Step 3


After your repair plan is solidified we will then move to conduct the repair of all cracks or replacement of the entire windshield.

Step 4


After all repairs and inspections have been made we'll give your vehicle a full wash and detail on the house! We will finalize all paperwork and your warranty. Afterwards we will then give you your vehicle back and better than ever.

Work We Perform